The Coffee Recycling Co.

At times as a new business it can feel daunting. Even as an individual you can feel like is what you are doing going to make a difference. Well the answer is yes it does. There is no silver bullet but we can make a difference from our choices and actions. So here is what we are doing so far, watch this space for more updates and initiatives and if you have any clever suggestions let us know.

Take away packaging was our first and biggest challenge. So we found this clever company that makes their packaging our of plants and its fully compostable. Clever right, check out this cool little video on how it works!

We love drinking coffee, and love if you bring your own cup, but what about the coffee waste. Well we’ve teamed up with an innovative family owned waste company in Manchester that took coffee waste head on!

We spoke to Sam Lavelle one of the founders of the intiative;

‘After seeing the amount of waste going to landfill, we just had to do something about it and set up the first and biggest coffee recycling company in the North East. We are delighted to work with the Soul Deli team and turn their coffee into coffee logs and renewable biofuels, they make a great cup of coffee too’!

Our lovely Katie, loving this new initiative